Here are the questions I am asked frequently, and the answers.



I heard it was better not to wash my hair before doing my high lights: is that true?

  • Hair quality is not preserved with dirty hair, contrary to common belief. Frankly it is more pleasant for your colourist to work on freshly washed hair – 1 or 2 days max.

Is it possible that I am allergic to peroxide?

  • It is highly unlikely you are allergic to peroxide. Most allergic reactions are caused by the para-phenylenediamine (PPD), a stabilizing agent found in cosmetic dyes. To find out if you are allergic, consult your dermatologist.

Is it better for my hair to leave my hair mask on overnight?

  • Hair masks have a limited action duration. Be aware that these (like conditioners) are solutions with a slightly acidic pH. It is this acid that closes the hair cuticle. If you leave the solution on too long, it becomes a neutral pH, which will not help the condition of your hair.

Is there a dye that can kill lice?

  • No. Only an anti-lice treatment can get rid of these pests. If you have lice, DO NOT COME TO THE SALON! You risk contaminating others clients. Consult your pharmacist as soon as possible for the right treatment.

I am told I have an orange/red pigmentation in my hair: is that true?

  • True and false. Anyone with darker than medium blond hair naturally has an orange pigment. If the colour is darker than brown, usually we see red appear too.

I currently have a dark brown colour, but I’d rather have a dark blond. Can we can simply apply a lighter colour on top to go lighter?

  • Unfortunately not. We absolutely must go through a stage of scrub or cleanser, depending on the desired level. It is essential to come to the salon for a consultation and book the correct length of appointment necessary.

Can you colour my eyebrows?

  • Hair colouring products are not designed for colouring eyebrows, as they can potentially cause loss of sight. Some hairdressers do but, for safety, I do not. I refer all my clients to Pascale Grenier, eyebrow specialiste, who uses a specially designed colour for eyelashes and eyebrows.

During my pregnancy can I color my hair?

  • This is a personal decision, it Is best to consult your treating physician.

Hair colouring with ammonia or without ammonia?

  • Ammonia is there to soften the hair cuticle so that colour pigment can penetrate inside the hair cuticle. Cosmetic dyes with ammonia are ideal to give volume to the hair. Ammonia is ideal for coarse white hair that is difficult to cover.

I used a henna colour in my hair two months ago, Can I add blonde highlights over the henna?

  • Everything depends on the type of henna. Unfortunately with henna you never know what will happen chemically, we must do a test strand to confirm what is possible to chemically. In some case it impossible to colour, the only option is to let it grow and cut the henna out.