Services offered

Feel like changing your hair colour but have no idea how to proceed? Book a 15-minute consultation with me and we’ll figure out a game plan together (free)!

The Ombre or Sombre effect is ideal for the woman who doesn’t want high-maintenance hair colouring. The colour is created exclusively on hair tips and mid length: I’ve achieved best results on long, natural hair. This colour will need to be retouched every 6 to 8 months (about $200).

I feel highlights are the most versatile. The possibilities are endless – from a very light to a drastic colour change. Highlights can be done on natural or colour-threaded hair. It needs retouching every 2 to 4 months ($160-200).

 The very popular balayage [highlighting to create a graduated, natural-looking effect] is a subtle way of adding colour to natural hair. For best results balayage is done on virgin, never coloured hair. This will need retouching every 4 to 6 months ($180-200).

Contouring is a balayage technique done exclusively around the face. Its purpose is to illuminate the complexion and energize a solid hair colour ($80-110).

Root touch-up is a service to maintain your existing colour while hiding unwanted gray hair. Generally, the regrowth has to be retouched every 4 to 6 weeks ($75).